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Customer Benefits

Solar power energy systems designed by Bliss Solar, LLC based in Long Island offer reliable performance, remarkable savings and financing options for customers throughout New York and New Jersey.

PV Monitoring

Our solar PV systems provide daily, weekly and monthly production analysis reporting while detecting system errors.

Solar Power Energy systems

Brand Variety

We offer a choice of top-tier rated manufacturers and superior warranties to ensure customer piece of mind.

Bliss Solar Workmanship


Highly skilled certified professionals bring years of experience to each residential and commercial project. 

Ingenuity & Technology

We utilize drone technology to translate aerial data along with satellite images for accurate project designs. This is helpful when there are physical obstructions. 

Commercial Carports
Business Centers

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 Investment Tax Credit

Cutting Edge software

Solar Power Energy design requires the use of specialized software to determine various complexities of shading and precise levels of energy produced by the sun.

Residential Solar Systems
Commercial Systems
Community Solar
Bliss Solar Quality Assurance

Learn about solar panels

Value and Benefits of Solar Power Energy systems

Solar PV Panels

How do solar panels work to convert the sun's energy into usable power.


Photons, or particles of light knock electrons free from atoms.
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Utility Vs. Solar

Solar panels can help the environment and provide significant savings.


Cost comparisons between utility usage verses solar PV panels.
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Design & Installation

Understanding project process and management from beginning to end.


A step by step overview of project epectations in simple stages.
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Financing Options

Our banking application and types of solar financing loan programs available.


Understand the credit application process and how to get started.
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Our company mission

We are a Long Island solar based organization serving customers throughout New York and New Jersey. Our team is dedicated to helping customers source and implement solar PV systems in the most cost effective manner. 

Rooted in energy efficiency and project finance our company has the unique knowledge and skills to provide an innovative net zero approach.  

Our customers deserve the best!

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