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Residential solar installation is a complex process. Bliss Solar is dedicated to helping clients source and implement solar PV systems in the most cost effective manner.  Rooted in energy efficiency and project finance our company has the unique knowledge and skills to provide an innovative net zero approach

The mission of Bliss Solar is to make the process of decoupling from the traditional power grid as painless as possible through consumer solar education and world-class customer support.

If we are to save the planet it’s imperative for everyone to help advance the most abundant and natural renewable energy source throughout the country with the latest technologies available.

To achieve this global initiative we work in collaboration with clients to understand how best to help them gain  energy independence and long term cost savings.  

Our installers have successfully helped thousands of businesses and homeowners make the transition into energy efficiency systems that deliver significant tangible savings. We make solar installation easy to understand, while providing the personalized support typically not found elsewhere.

Our team will help you navigate and procure the maximum (SREC) Solar renewable energy credits that are offered to businesses and homeowners.

Unfortunately New York is not currently offering (SREC) Solar Renewable Energy Credits unlike states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland by example. This has no bearing on the Federal Incentive Tax Credit which remains in affect as of 2022 at (26%).

July 28, 2021, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has established a new Successor Solar Incentive Program, also known as the “SuSI Program”. The SuSI Program implements the Clean Energy Act of 2018 (L.2018, c 17) and the Solar Act of 2021 (L. 2021, c 169).  The SuSI Program provides incentives to eligible solar facilities to enable continued efficient and orderly development of solar renewable energy generating sources throughout the state.

The SuSi Program replaces the SREC Registration Program (SRP) which was closed to new registration on April 30, 2020 pursuant to the Clean Energy Act, and the Transtion Incentive (TI) Program which provided a bridge between the legacy SRP and the SuSi Program.  

As per the National Conference of State Legislatures New Jersey and New York, for example, must provide at least 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2030.

Learn more about residential solar installation and the Department of Energy commercial Solar Photovoltaic R&D Subprogram by visiting Energy.gov.

Nitin Dacha,
Managing Member - Founder

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